About Us

Superior remanufactured and compatible toner and inkjet cartridges

Shop4cartridge.com has been professionally deliver printer cartridges for years. We know our responsibilities and we know our customers count on us, so our OEM-quality remanufactured and compatible toner and inkjet cartridges are created with strict manufacturing processes, resulting in day-to-day consistency you can rely on.

Compatible with monochrome and color laser and inkjet printers from HP, Lexmark, Brother, Dell, Samsung, Canon, Xerox, Epson and others, we are working  to make all of our imaging products to match brand-name standards----but at prices that reasonably save your costs. Even better, our prompt and customized service is proved to be a strong support to our customers.

It is easy and convenient to replace your OEM toner and inkjet with reliable remanufactured and compatible alternatives. By simply sharing with us a few details about your current usage, you will know which products are good for you, how much money you can save and what reliable service and warranty you can have. 

Innovative imaging products

Specializing in monochrome, color, high yield – as well as universal laser toner cartridges that function in multiple brands and models of printers – shop4cartridge.com gives companies a way to reduce expenses without compromising reliability.

This industry is changing, as OEM products change, shop4cartridge.com follows the pace. When Lexmark and HP made their toner cartridges ‘smart’ by adding microchips, we did the same, ensuring that our cartridges continued to perform identically. You can be certain that our products will keep up with technological advancements so that we can always give you suggestions and solutions; shop4cartridge.com will always be the cost effective solution to your printing needs.

Benefit from what we learned---industry expertise

No matter what type of business you are, an automotive dealer or manage a chain of travel agencies, a home office or a big insurance company, your imaging needs are unique to your industry. Shop4cartridge.com has done many consultations, and we always take notes. Our experience gives us insight into the needs, habits and processes that affect your printing budget and the success of your business.

We don't claim to know your business better than you do. But there's a good chance that we already work directly with business in your field. That knowledge – along with our toner and inkjet expertise and extensive lineup of OEM-quality remanufactured and compatible products – allows us to offer suggestions that make sense.

Our service area

Shop4cartridge.com a national supplier for toner and inkjet cartridge supplies. As to now, our customers are ordering from coast to coast. With our warehouses in the East and the West, we can effectively fill your orders.

If you have any question, please contact us and we are ready to serve you.